Conditional Javascript/jQuery in WordPress

It’s pretty common when working with Wordpress to have Javascript that you only want to run on certain pages. There are a handful of ways to do it, and now matter how you go about it – only loading/running what you need is a good thing.

Icon Fonts with a Sass Mixin for Cleaner Markup & CSS

I’ve been sold on Sass for a while now, and one of the main reasons is that it makes CSS more maintainable, and allows for more semantic HTML. A basic Sass mixin could allow us to avoid adding elements to our markup, and avoid repetitive pseudo-element selectors and declarations in our CSS.

Experiment With Flexbox

I’ve been digging into Flexbox because eventually using floats for layout will be a thing of the past. I came across Flexplorer and thought it was a helpful resource and cool way to quickly experiment with the properties.